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About Us

Om Al-Arousa Concept

Om Al-Arousa Exibition is the first exhibition in Egypt and the Mena region specialized only in the house wares equipment of wives-to-be. All the well-known suppliers and distributors of homewares processing products are invited to provide the entire needs of the wife-to-be in her new home, helping the mother and all the family members in meeting their needs and completing their requirements easily and conveniently through an extraordinary exhibition

Om Al-Arousa goals

  • Exhibition includes the best offers, discounts and payment installment, which relieves the burden on the Egyptian family.
  • Providing and diversifying products and all the needs to prepare the house and the requirements of marriage and the wadding in one place.
  • Facilitating and helping the Egyptian families to get the products they need with the best quality and the best price.
  • Opening a sales and marketing window for the Egyptian products and facilitating the access to these products for the customers and supporting the small producers.
  • Spreading awareness among the masses of the mothers and the brides to avoid common mistakes in preparing the home and preparing for the new marriage life.
  • Achieving the societal role of supporting mother’s health hospitals and charities interested in supporting orphaned brides.


WIDEVISION are here with our devoted, passionate and professional expertise to help brands connect, engage and evolve through building strategic, integrated and memorable events that create human connection between brands and their target audience or employees.
WIDE VISION, the ORGANIZER has always adopting creative ideas, helping in making dreams come true.
Since the first day, we are working as a organizer on the Om Al-Arousa event, and we are prouding of the success we achieved. We will save no effort to achieve our goal in putting Om Al-Arousa on the international exhibitions map.


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